Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wool Wednesday Challenge! Are You Ready?

What am I going to do with all of this wool?
Well I'm going to send some to each of you, whooo hoooo!!
So how does this work? I am offering each of you a chance to create something from wool. Anything you want, no theme, no boundaries here and all you need is your creative imagination. Already worked with wool no problem your still welcome to join in on the fun. Wet felt it, dry felt it, use it for hair on a sculpture or cloth doll, how about some fringe for a sewing project, stuffing, I would love to see a mixed media artist incorporate it into their work. Your wool will measure approximately 3 - 3 1/2 inches in length. Keep in mind wool is not Washer and Dryer friendly though unless your going for a felted or matted look. This is for fun!!
All you have to do is post here that you want to Take The Wool Wednesday Challenge! Feel free to snatch one of the Banners on my side bar for your blog if you would like.
I will send you a small package of wool for FREE!!
This is wool that has been processed by me. It will come to you clean but may contain small pieces of hay that can be shook or flicked with your fingers on out or combed out with a regular hair comb, however you prefer to use it in your project.
Contact me by email through my blog with your mailing address and
Let me know if you have a color preference of the following choices
Color (Reddish Pink / Pinkish Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple or Rainbow Striped)
Brown with a bit of a gray hue
Or a mix of any or all of the colors above.
Prefer to process your own, no problem I will send you some dirty wool to give it a try.
All I ask in return is that you send me a picture or pictures of your completed creation(s) so that I can share them here on my blog with a link to your blog to show what can be created with wool.
NOTE: I am limiting this challenge to the first 10 people to respond by next Wednesday, June 16.
You can send me your pictures once your creation is finished or by July 16th.
So what are you waiting for???????
Ohhhh yeah, I make number 11 in this challenge!!
Thank You
I can't wait to see what you create!!!
Happy Wool Wednesday Everyone!!


  1. Hey Brenda You know I want to do it!!LOL
    I want to take The Wool Wednesday Challenge!!
    I already know what I want to do.
    Hope you have a great day!!

  2. Mememememe!!!I want to play...memmememeeme!!How exciting..I'm emailing you right away..I dont normally participate in challenges..but could pass this one up!!!Big hugs,Cat

  3. Oh Brenda, a challenge I would love to do! Count me in! Purple please. e-mailing you snail mail now. This is going to be a fun one!


  4. Oh oh oh how fun is this Brenda!! Uhmmmmmm well let see I would like please...what fun is this. Am clueless what I will do...but will figure out something LOL!
    Make sure you post this on the fun!!
    Hugs, Sarah

  5. Whooo hoooo, I'm so glad you are joining in Chris, Cat and Dede!! This one is going to be lots of fun!! I can't wait to see what each of you make!! Not to mention now I know I'm not the only one playing, lol. Whewwwww.... I will ship your wool out pronto.

    Thanks for playing!!

  6. Yipppeeeee, Sarah is in too, yeah!!! I'm so excited about this one, I may have to send some candy with your wool just feels like I should, lol.


  7. Bren, COUNT ME IN!!! Sounds too dadburn fun!!! May I try the brown/gray wool? Hugs to you!

  8. Hi Brenda! What a fun & generous event to create! You are fabulous! Thanks so much for your sweet visit! Blessings to you! :)

  9. I'd love to try! Hum... color brown w/grey or orange you pick. I'm not picky lol :) Becca

  10. Brenda,
    Can I still get in?? Robert ;)
    Reddish orange would be great...

  11. Wow...this sounds like lots of fun. I wish I could participate, but I'll be out of town on a little vacation. I hope you'll do this again :D besides, I have absolutely no idea how to use or work with wool. But it sure would be fun to try...maybe next time. I can't wait to see what everyone creates.

    Great idea Brenda.

    Bright blessings,

  12. Brenda - I would love to try this, but I'm not sure I can make your deadline (vacation, etc.) If you do it again, let me know. Or if you need someone to make something really fast, right before the deadline - here I am! lol!! xox!

  13. Hello Kathy!! Ooooo a vacation, love vacations, there's never enough of those. Kathy, I think it would be really cool in one of your Monster Boxes??? I bet you would come with something fab!!

    Hello Pam, would love to see what you would create too!!

    Maybe next time, I can nab both of you, hehehehe.

    Have a great week!!

  14. If you still have some I would love to partisipate! love purples!!