Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm So Dizzy My Head Is Spinning, Your Making Me Dizzy...

Okay, yes, I do feel a bit like this these days, lol. Tis the season to be a bit over whelmed creating with the feeling of being unfocused and not so centered. Although I so love the whole process of prepping and creating for the Holidays it gets a bit blurry sometimes and takes you so out of the loop!! I want to apologize for not popping around to visit all of you, I love our visits and miss them terribly!!

So what have I been doing....

Lots of Crocheted Spiders, Mummy's, Black Cats, Witches and Scarecrows oh my....
Waiting for faces...

A gazillion Crocheted Angels, Knitted Lipstick / Chap Stick Slipper Holders, Crocheted Dish Cloths, Crocheted Christmas Stockings.....
Must sew, add ribbons, pull ends, add decorative touches, make pom poms did I mention I absolutely hate to make pom poms, ewwwwww, lol...

Crocheted Petite Sachets and Small Doily Sets made with crochet thread...
I haven't made doilies in years, had to cure a sudden craving, lol...

These little foil armatures are awaiting their skin, lol.
Whewwwww, I wish I could say this was all I had in progress but ohhhhhh noooooo where would the fun and stress be in that!!


this year I am taking a vow. Come December 1st this Grammy Bear is going to take a Family Winter Hibernation Break all the way through January 1st 2011!! Every year it feels like the Holidays come and I missed them, ughhhhhh, I can do this....
I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...
So back to work I go, sure hope I get that vacation December 1st, lol.
Happy Creating Everyone
Enjoy the process
Remember to stop and smell the Holidays!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This Summer Slacker Is Finally Busy with Handmade Treats and some Halloween Art, yipppeeee...

Coming Soon Some Yummy Cat Nip Treats
No not for you, for your kitty of course, hahaha.

Laundry Sets
Now in my Etsy Shop
I love these!!

Oh yeah and some Art too, whoooo hoooo
Hows about some Magic!!

This was my entry for our current MHA Cat Challenge, lol, I know my cat picked up some strays, hehehehe.

Did you know that you can find MHA (The Magical Holiday Artists) on Etsy and NOW ON EBAY TOO, whooo hooooo!!! We are MHAE on Ebay, be sure to look us up!!

The Cat, Moon and Pumpkin were sculpted and applied to the glass.
I love how this piece came out!!

and one Candy Corn Ornament, my entry for this months SEHA challenge.
There is a lot of great entries this month, be sure to check them out on Ebay by placing SEHA in the search bar!!
This little cutie is currently listed on Ebay
and so many more things in progress...
So back to work.
PS, Wool Wednesday will be returning this Fall!!
Hope your having a wonderful week!!


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Wool Wednesday Challenge Comes To An End.....

A beautiful Mixed Media Piece by Maggie of Just Add Glitter and Stir. Be sure to check out Maggie's blog and all of the details she included in this up cycled treasure trove piece!! Check out her amazing Pink Wool Bouffant Hair Doo, loving it!!

Lori of Flossie Kat's Korner, this is the most beautiful hat and your needle felted Rose takes it from casual to elegant!! There is nothing more classic than Earth Tones and your creation just proves it!! I love it!!

So there you have it!! Each and every creation was amazing, beautiful, unique and created by some of the most talented people!! I had so much fun offering this Challenge to each of you!! Thank you for joining me!!
Hats off to each of you!!
Keep creating, have fun and remember wool isn't just for blankets and socks!!