Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Common Core State Standards....

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This is bad, very, very bad.  If you have done any research on this you already know that.  If you haven't do a search and you will be surprised by the results.  This is the craziest education system ever, it has been called fuzzy to just plain insane.  Created to make "Standards" for our children to make them more College and Globally Employment Ready but yet there are no "Standards for the "Standards" as stated below.

There are several key issues that the Common Core State Standards do not define. They do not identify how teachers should teach. They also do not limit or list all that can or should be taught. There is no limiting factor placed on the nature of advanced work beyond the CCSS. There is nothing in the CCSS that indicates the interventions needed for students well below grade level or the support that should be given to English language learners and students with special needs. Finally, they do not provide everything needed to be college and career ready.

I would love to hear others comments regarding this matter...
Thank you so much
Brenda LaBell

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