Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Full Hip Replacement and a Special Hello to one of my Bestest Friends Dede!!!

This is a picture of what my new hip looks like, no not actually mine. I could have scanned a picture of mine but my scanner isn't connected right now. But any hoo, my family says I'm working on being the "Bionic Woman" they are building me stronger and faster than before, lol. So I have been bad, missing here for a very, very, very, very, longggggggg time. You see I have been suffering with this problem for years and it has taken them years to figure out what was wrong with me. I actually had quit my job in 2005 as I just couldn't do it anymore, the pain continued to get worse every year!!! My family doctor insisted it was my back and I kept telling them I don't think so. I finally had filed for disability last July but my family doctor said he recommended that I go back to work and suggested that I get a low impact job such as a "Desk Job" in August, huhhhhhhh. I informed that I had a desk job and that I had to quit it in 2005 because I couldn't do it anymore, apparently he forgot to put that in his notes all of these years, errrrr. By this time I could barely walk across the room or get on or off the toilet!!!! My new pain management doctor said I think you need a hip. She sent me for an xray on October 20th, I was called within the next day or two and was told that they had already made me an appointment with an Orthopedic Surgeon on November 8th. They started the ball rolling and surgery was set for January 20th. The nurse practitioner and surgeon said it was the worse hip they had ever seen!!! Well, ummmmm yeah, I have been in agony for years, thanks to the moron doctors I had, errrr. By the way, they are no longer my doctors after several years of total mistreating!!! They totally blew off my symptoms as I was to young for a "hip replacement", nice huh. I went through this horrible pain for so long that I had bone rubbing against bone 24-7, I had a cyst form between the bones from rubbing against one another for so long and the best part was the fact that I had worn part of my pelvis bone away, yepper, gone, chunk gone!!! Thank goodness for my pain management doctor that took me seriously!!! You see I have an extremely high pain threshold so when I'm in extreme pain, the average person would be in a corner crying. My husband knows this and so if I say I'm in pain, he panics. So now I am feeling much better, I'm still in alot of pain though as the other hip is shot too, ackkk. They did an xray of both hips on November 8th and said the other one is doing the same thing, I already knew that, lol. I have had pain in that leg now for years too but it just hasn't got to my unbearable tolerance level yet. The Surgeon said 6 months after my surgery, the Nurse Practioner gives it a year, ackkkk, I'm hoping for many more years but I know that isn't going to happen since I know now what it is and the change in my pain level each passing year. So we will see, keep your fingers crossed for me that I can make it a few more years. The surgeon did at least say we aren't going to do it until we have to but yet he wants to see it again in June...So I guess all of this explains where I have been, day to day life got really tough over the last year and I expect when it comes time for the next one it will be again the only difference is now is that I at least know what it is. Who would have thought that it would take someone that is only suppose to be helping through the pain!!! She went from pain management to doctor and a darn good one at that!!!
I also would like to take a moment to say howdy to a very special friend. Hello my dear friend Dede!!! One of the sweetest people I know!! She sent me the most beautiful card and letter written inside, I didn't think anyone even knew how to do that anymore : ). Thank you so much you made my day!! Of coarse my granddaughter knows you as the one that sends us Rosie and / or Herman, lol. So I will be sending you letter back soon!!! Doesn't it bring back the days of "Pen Pals", some of you may be to young to remember that, hehehehehe. Just remember though I can't be that old because the doctors thought I was to young for a hip replacement, hay, I didn't say it they did, hahahahaha and I'm running with it, lol.
So there you have it. I will try much harder to post to my blog now that I'm feeling better, sorry I disappeared and I missed you all very much!!!
Ooooo ooooo one more thing regarding hip replacements. I actually received a card while I was in the hospital that shows a picture of my actual new hip and states that I might set off security devices, huhhhhh. Yepper, it says that!! It actually has my surgeon's name, address and phone number on it too, how whacked is that!!! So yeah it is a big joke in my household my husband and my son want to take me to the License Bureau to see if it really does set off their security device, hahahahaha, very funny huh. Okay if it was one of them I would want to do the same thing too, heheheheehehe. But did you know that???? I was shocked. So do I give them my card first or should I wait to see if I set it off????????
Did we ever finish wool?????? Hummmmmmmm......
I hope you all are well, healthy and most of all HAPPY!!