Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Is Good #2, #3 and #4, Thank You Chris and Sherry!!

#2 is from Chris of Christina's Primitive House
Her questions are:
1). What is your favorite dessert?
I'm not a big dessert eater but I love chocolate milk, have since I was a kid.
2). What is your favorite color?
I love color!! All colors even black!!
3). If you could go one place in the world for a vacation where would it be?
I have always wanted to go to Ireland.
4). What is your dream house like?
My dream house has a 50 foot by 50 foot Craft Room, lol. And another bathroom!!
5). What is your favorite pet?
Currently we don't have any pets but I'm a cat person. My husband didn't like cats when we first got married but I already had one and informed him that she comes with the marriage, lol. He came around to my way of thinking pretty quick, lol.
6). What would you like to be doing in 5 years from now?
Hummm, I guess the same things I'm doing now.
7). What is your favorite music?
My favorite music is Journey's.
8). What is the one thing you love to do?
Creating Art
9). What is the one thing you hate to do?
Dust, yuck!!
10). What do you collect?
Halloween Art.
Life Is Good
#3). Is from Sherry of Byrum Art
Her questions are:
1). What makes you happy, silly happy?
Hands down it would be my grand kids, I love the silly things they say.
2). What is your favoite flower?
3). What talent would you like to have that you don't?
I feel very blessed with the talents I have, I would just like to master my current talents.
4). Do you have pets?
No pet currently, sigh.
5). Do you like spending time alone?
Yes, that is when I kick butt and get so much done. For me it should be a requirement, lol.
6). Do you like gardening?
I love gardens but I am no gardner. I can kill a cactus garden, and my mother said it couldn't be done, lol.
7). What is your favorite song?
Strange but true. I love the group Journey and their songs but if I have to pick one favorite it would have to be Dolly Parton's "I Will Always Love You" and right behind that would have to be her song "Hard Candy Christmas". Their seasonal you know, lol.
8). What do you like to do for others?
Make them things, handmades, art, etc. That's why I don't make any money doing what I do, I'm always giving it away. I love gift giving!!
9). Are you a morning person or night owl?
A night owl, I love staying up to 4:30 am.
10). How is your bedroom decorated?
LMAO, okay well, ummm, EARLY MESS. Okay it's not quite that bad but it isn't a calming retreat. I'm a firm believer, I sleep there, I don't live in there. Ohhh, and right behind hating to dust is making the bed. Yepper just like when I was a kid I still feel no need to make the bed, I'm just going to mess it up again later anyhoo. LOL, okay all of you bed makers out there I know your just cringing at the thought, hahahahahaha.
And last but not least is Life Is Good #4 from Chris of Prim Country Farms
Her questions are:
1). Where do you live?
I live in the Finger Lakes, Mark Twain Country, Wine Country, we go by many names here. I live about 30 minutes away from Watkins Glen Race Track for you Race Fans out there. I live in Elmira, New York.
2). What is your favorite time of year?
I love the weather and the colors of Fall and of coarse Halloween FALLs in there too!!
3). Who would you like to take art lessons from?
I would love to take lessons from so many talented Artists for different reasons, different styles, bring them all over.
4). What is your favorite TV show or movie?
I don't watch much TV I reaally enjoy watching the Harry Potter collection.
5). Which reality show would you like to be on?
The last reality show I watched I think was the Osbourne Family.
6). What is your favorite color?
Love them all.
7). Which is your favorite Season?
8). What books do you like?
Ghost stories.
9). How many hours do you spend on your art a week?
I need more hours in day, my artwork always gets shorted to complete other tasks or I have to give up sleep to complete my work it seems.
10). What is your favorite ice cream?
Mint Chocolate Chip
Thank you so much Chris and Sherry!!
Have a wonderful day!!
PS: Wool Wednesday Tomorrow with a twist, whoooo hoooo, see you then!!!


  1. My mother always said "Each person is like a universe..full of feelings and emotions..most of which we never get to see"...so thanks..for letting me get a sneak peak inside that noggin of yours...Hugs-Cat

  2. I love your Mother's perspective of people!! Well said. I have to laugh though at this point most people would probably prefer to be out of my noggin.

    PS, be sure to check out Wool Wednesday tomorrow, I really think this is going to be a fun one!! I would love you to join in!!


  3. Hey Brenda LOL what a great sport you are thank you for doing all these questions. I love reading all of them. We have the same taste in music and ghost stories they are the best.
    OK gal anytime you feel the need to make something to giveaway I am here.LOL

  4. What fun to learn so much about you. :)

  5. Don't like dessert?!? You just send yours this way. I think we should figure out a way to get more hours into our days. Just not sure how to do it. Wishing you a wonderful evening! Looking forward to tomorrows post! Yep, I am. LOL


  6. Congats Brenda! I loved learning more about you. I knew you were in NY but I didn't know you where in the 5 fingers area. I've been looking in that area. I'll have to talk more to you about that! :)