Friday, November 20, 2009

BWBA's 1st Anniversary and 1st Giveaway!!


One year ago marks the birth of the Ebay Artists Group - "Because We Believe- Art" that Josie of Skeleton In My Closet started along with her good friends Tammy, of Light and Shadow Studio and Karen, of I Draw Pix (our Founding Ladies) and to celebrate this milestone the group is having a blog giveaway!

As you know, as a group, We Believe in the Magic of the Holidays, the Tooth Fairy, Monsters under the Bed and all other sorts of magical and mythical flights of fancy and we have decided to share that with you, our Followers.

Santa's sack is filled to the brim with presents... With 15 different handmade OOAK (One Of A Kind) ornies created by the generous and talented members of our group. This is an event you don't want to miss!! So hitch a ride with the Tooth Fairy and fly on over to enter...

Click On The Top Right Button To Fly On Over

So what are you waiting for...
GOOD LUCK my little Leprechauns!!!

I Believe

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Winter WIPs Finally

Well, better late than never. Here are my newest works in progress, hope you like them, they are now off to spend some time with the painting elves... More pics when they are finished....

Meet "Winter" Warlock I'm thinking and "Snow"



Saturday, November 14, 2009

Another Award??? and WIPs!!!

I can't believe it, I've received another award!! Sherry is such a sweetheart and hers and Ron's artwork is amazing!!! You won't want to miss a thing.

Thank you SO much Sherry for thinking of me....I am honored...

So the rules of this one are to tell you seven things about myself you may not know.


Geeee whizzzzzz this is hard...Well....

1. I love thunderstorms!!
2. I could sit in a park for hours and just enjoy Mother Nature.
3. I am the oldest child in my family, yep my parents practiced their parenting techniques on me. Eight years later when my sister arrived they were to tired to be tough on her, lol.
4. I wear my emotions on my shirt sleeve for the whole world to see.
5. I'm not a big fan of sweets including chocolate, but don't you dare touch my Hershey's Syrup for my chocolate milk.
6. I love ghost movies, such as The Others, Thirteen Ghosts (although this one was gorey for me I do love the story.
7. I hate the cold weather of winter but I love to look outside at a fresh fallen snow and no I don't want to build a snowman, its to cold out there, hehehehehehe

Okay, now that I bored you to death, lol. I would like to pass this on to Dede again,

Dede, she is such a sweetie be sure to stop by her blog and say hello... I love her blog, she's a real inspiration. Thanks Dede!!!

Sarah your next sweetie, you can run but you can't hide, hehehehehehe....

I did mention WIPs, their coming, just tring to get decent pictures, ugggggg.

Sure hope your having a great weekend.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Change Of Scenery / A Change Of Creativity


I'm really hoping that the change of scenery and a little mood music here will put my mind on track to Christmas / Yule Creating, sure hope it works and this is why....

Recently I took an online sculpting course with Pattee of Odd Dolls and I must say she is such a sweet person. I have completed the first class and well yay, I've already signed up for her second class. I think I've found a new passion, hummmmm not quite sure yet but it might just be better than yarn, hehehehehe. Well I'm certainly no master sculptor, but with a little practice ummmm you never know, right.....

Well here is a picture of my first piece she isn't finished yet maybe after Christmas.


Last night I sat down determined to sculpt my second piece and my first Christmas / Yule Ornament but again the brain appears to be still in Halloween mode because it became this...Looks a bit more like a Disney's Haunted Mansion Ghost Face to me, sigh.


So as you can see I really need to convince my brain that its time to create for the Christmas / Yule Season before it is over, I sure hope this works, hehehehehehehe.

How about you??????


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Magical Holiday Artists Is Having A GIVEAWAY

We're having our very first giveaway on the Magical Holiday Artists Etsy Team Blog (MHA). Look at these prizes, WOW!!! Hurry pop on over to find out how you can win.


Remember to place MHA in your Etsy Search....



Thursday, November 5, 2009

My First Award!!

Wow Cat " In The Light Of The Moon" this is my first Award as well!! Thank you. Now lets see if I can do this right, lol.


Hummm 7 facts about myself:

1. I'm a young grammy of 2, (as in the eye of the beholder)
2. I love sci fi (especially Star Gate and Star Gate Atlantis)
3. My favorite TV shows still include Lost in Space and The Munsters
4. I love Nicholas Cage movies
5. I refuse to grow up
6. I'm an ex Bank Auditor (surprised ya with that one didn't I, lol)
7. and last but not least, I love who I am!!!

I would like to pass this on to a few people that inspire me with their blogs.


and of course there is Cat who was sweet enough to give me this award and Lisa, Sarah, Cindy, Pattee, and so many more. Thank you


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Have You Heard!!!!

WHOOOO HOOOOO, I WON THE FIRST PLACE PRIZE on Byrum's Art Blog!!!! I am still stunned, what a wonderful week I have had...I won the most amazing Halloween Painting. If you haven't seen their blog you must!! Ron and Sherry create beautiful one of a kind paintings, necklaces, signs, pillows, candles, and the list goes on and on, such talent and creativity. I am beyond excitement when I say that I am thrilled to add another piece of their amazing art to my collection. I currently own three of their prints and recently I actually won one of their fab paintings to my total amazement as I didn't think I would ever own one and to say that I actually now having bragging rights to two of their paintings, well all I can say is WOW. Each piece of art that an artist creates leaves their home and arrives to yours with a piece of them included. I truly believe there is an attachment between the Artist, Artwork and their Love of Life. Thank you SO much Sherry and Ron I will truly treasure my wonderful prize.

Thank you Dede and Cat for the congrats!!!


Monday, November 2, 2009


of the LUCKY 13 GIVEAWAY is...

First I would like to say thank you for all of the nice things that each of you posted about my crocheted slippers. I would like to give a big thank you to my original Lucky 13 Followers, which is what sparked this giveaway and to each of you that have joined my blog since. I have had so much fun with this giveaway and I hope you have too. I am already thinking about what we should do for a Christmas Giveaway!! THANK YOU for making this such a success and so much fun!!!

Okay, okay, enough said, right.


Congratulations Dede!!!!
Contact me at

Let me know what color you prefer:
Purple / Lavender Poms
Pink / White Poms
Country Blue / Navy Poms
(The Variegated Pair) Chocolate Covered Cherries / Dark Brown Poms
Linen /Claret Poms

and your mailing address.

Thanks again everyone!!!