Friday, June 18, 2010

Toothache, Dentist, Yuck!!!

and I have to wait until Tuesday, ackkkkkk.
So not real chatty but here's an update...
Whooo hooo Maggi is joining us for the Wool Wednesday Challenge!!
How great is that!!
Only two spaces left, lets fill them up!! It will make my tooth feel better, okay maybe not but we would love to have you join in....
See you soon
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!


  1. Oh Brenda, I so feel for you. Tuesday is a long way away when you are in pain. Wishing you a pain free weekend!


  2. Oh Brenda, I know I know,,,but when you have healthy teeth, you'll feel better.

    xxs Lisa

  3. Oh very sorry.. hang in there and lots of whatever makes the pain go away...something stronger than Baileys!!!
    Am playing with the wool today...whoot!! It is stunning..I adore the color!!
    Hugs and love and a stiff drink, Sarah

  4. Brenda I hope you get to feeling better. I am soooo sorry you have this awful tooth ache.
    I will be thinking of you!!

  5. Oh, you poor baby! I'm surprised that they couldn't get you in earlier, but if your dentist is like mine, they are closed on Friday, making for a very long weekend.

    In the meantime, see if you can find the nerve that goes to that tooth. .it can be further up on your cheek bone, across your upper lip (under your nose), or back by your ear, across your chin, or under your jaw line. Take your three middle fingertips, and press on the nerve, making a point to breath naturally. .don't hold your breath. In fact, take a deep breath every few breaths. That is very important. After a few minutes, when you notice the pain has subsided, slowly remove your fingers. The nice part about this, is you can keep doing it anytime the pain comes back.

    I'm sending some extra good energy your way!
    Big Hugs!!

  6. Sorry to hear this Brenda ~ only one more day to go . . . .

    . . . . really gentle hugs. :)