Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Paying Kindness Forward For Tootsie

During the process of our move to our new home I received some very sad news. With just 3 days before the move I became very sad that one of my Ebay customers had passed away. She was so much more than just a customer though. We spent lots of time talking to one another by email in the wee hours of the morning, you know the hours, yep, the ones when most people are sleeping. We had built a wonderful friendship and I miss her terribly. So I decided that I needed to do something, but what she isn't from my area, suddenly it hit me A Giving Works Auction on Ebay. So here she is all decked out and ready to go to her new home. My friend loved animals and was a huge cat fan (she owned 4), so I have decided that the proceeds will by donated to the Humane Society USA. I know this isn't much, it can't even begin to cover the way she touched my heart, but it feels right and that is what counts.

I am donating 100% of this auction and I will be paying the shipping fees to anywhere within the US. I am listing her tonight at approximately 8:30 pm Eastern time on Ebay. Thanks for looking.

Let me introduce to you: TOOTSIE PEPPERMINT, isn't she scrumptious, PS, no licking the kitty, lol.


Thank you for gathering here and I hope you have a great day.


  1. Awe Brenda, that is sad. I know you can make many friendships that way :)
    But it is very thoughtful of you to do this, very sweet, and I love the cat :)

  2. Thank you for your kind words Cat.

    Now lets hope the bidders come out of the woodwork, lol.

  3. Brenda,Since I started selling on Ebay,I have also made some new friends.I understand the feelings you share,and the gesture is very kind.I know that your friend would have been so honored by this gesture.I will keep my fingers crossed for you that the bidders come.

  4. Oh Brenda... This is a wonderful tribute to a dear friend....
    It so weird to me sometimes how we can make these "virtual" internet friends and they become more or at least the same as the "real" people we know... Some even better...
    I love your art ~ it unique and wonderful!