Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lucky 13 Giveaway Update

WOW Dede, your crystal ball is amazing, can I borrow it, lol. You are good. But I have to ask where did you get the color purple? Would that be your color of choice?

So you all now know what the prize is, yep it's a TREAT FOR YOUR FEET for the upcoming cold weather. A pair of handmade slippers by me. As we all know handmade is always better.

Dede gets another entry into the cauldron that is now flaming hot.

Blog about my giveaway on your blog and post it here that you did and I will give you another entry into my giveaway.

Congrats Dede!!!

Awwww A Treat for your Feet,

1 comment:

  1. Very cool! I am excited about this giveaway, my grandma use to make us crochet slippers and those babies are so warm in the winter. And they last forever. I have blogged about it! The color is from your purple witch and of course I love purple and pink.