Friday, October 23, 2009


Remember When:

Well while taking the lovely picture of my feet for my giveaway clue I couldn't help but laugh. I couldn't believe that I was actually taking a picture of my feet! I instantly was thrown back to the good ole days before digital cameras. Yep the days when we had to take our roll of film in to be developed or send it out by mail. Oh how exciting it was to see your new pictures and suddenly oooops you come across the picture of the back of Great Grandma's Head, yeah a picture of the ceiling, I even have gotten one of the back of my stove, lol. Who in the world is taking those pictures, giggle, giggle. All of the pictures of my son taking pictures of himself, that use to drive me crazy!! The worse part of that is he and his buddys at 26 and 27 will still do that if you leave the camera unattended, urrrggggg. I can remember getting so frustrated thinking I can't believe they make you pay for these pictures! Getting pictures developed is something else I don't do well. I had my sister's baby shower pictures developed when her son was 8 years old, lol. I currently have 10- 12 disposable cameras that need to be developed, surprise, surprise. I took my memory card in 2 weeks ago from my digital camera and was instantly sent into price shock. Love those memory cards, they hold lots of pictures and I love to take pictures (although I am a terrible photographer). Took my card in to be developed for my grandson's school project along with a disc, nope the disc did not get developed that day. I had 214 pictures on my memory card for a total $32.10, wowzer. The good news is at least they are all pictures I want no floors no ceilings yippppeeee. So what did I learn about that, well not to wait untill my memory card is full before I have it developed, yeah right like thats going to happen.

So yes to purposely take a picture of my feet made me snicker, the good news is at least now with digital cameras it won't make it to film it will be deleted, lol.

So on that note I will leave you with this, to go along with the picture of my feet, lol.


Do you remember when, lol???????

Lucky 13 Giveaway Updates will be coming soon.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you leave with a giggle to start off your weekend.


  1. Brenda,I created a section on my blog about yours and Sherry's great givaways...that counts right..( :

  2. Cat, I will count that and I did see it!! Hummm, did I leave a thank you post over there for you thought I did? If I didn't I am SO sorry. Thanks bunches Cat!!! So yes, I will add another entry for you into my cauldron too.


  3. Oh my word do I remember those days of paying for pictures that were of nothing. That sure did bring back some memories. Hope that you are having an awesome weekend Brenda!