Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow, A Wonderful Award From A Very Dear Friend!! The Bryrum Spiritual Art Award!!!


As quoted by Sherry of Byrum Art:

It has been along Winter and I've had some difficult transitions in my life this Winter. Many of my online friends have continued to inspire me and help me just by being their selves. It's been awhile since I've given this award out but I would like to pass in on to some of the ladies here on blogger land that have encouraged me to continue despite my personal problems and despite the economy. To me the greatest spiritual gift one can give is encouragement and support to others!! So I want to thank

Brenda of Wicked Wool Gathering (whooo hooo, that's me!!)

and my special friend of Witch Hollow Primitives who is greatly missed!!

So ladies I hope you will pass my humble Award on to those who have inspired you and your offerings this loonnngggg Winter this year!!

(End of quote.)

Thank you Sherry for thinking of me!!

I'm a natural born giver, it's just my nature, I know that and I've known it for a very long time, probably about the time I was dating and my Mother generally didn't approve of anyone I dated including the guy I've been married to for 29 years. But it was back then that she made a statement to me that has not only stuck but made me realize a big part of who I am. Her statement "You know you can't save the world don't you?" It was right there and then that I realized she was right (not that I was intentionally trying to save the world, it's just who I am)but I also made the conscious decision to give and be passionate of everyone I meet. As the old saying goes, you don't know why a person is the way they are until you've walked a mile in their shoes. So remember that it is important to leave a grin, a smile, a laugh, a gentle hug, words of encouragement, or a simple hey I've been thinking of you, with everyone you meet and remember to not be quick to judge as it really does make a difference in each of our lives!! The words you give come back to you!! And although we may not be able save the world, I believe we have the power within ourselves to make the world a better place. I live by this rule, I believe in the Poem at the top of my blog!! Call me childish, maybe I'm living in a Fantasy World but I choose to believe. By the number of WONDERFUL AWARDS that I have received as of late I'd say it not only works but stands very true!!

Thank you Sherry!!
So I would like to pass this wonderful award on to a few special people, people that I feel give of themselves unconditionally:
Of coarse I would include Sherry and all of the wonderful ladies on Sherry's list, I will pass it on to a couple more wonderful ladies:
Thank you ladies for making a huge difference in my life!!


  1. Brenda Wow another great award. Brenda you do deserve this award because you do care about others and give yourself all the way. Congrats girlfriend I am so very proud for you.

  2. Why do you do this...make me cry like this...make me laugh like this..make me be thankful for simply knowing you.Lately,I have to admit,I have been out of sorts..feeling perhap that kindness has become overrated..There is so much much anger in the world,so much sadness,and like your lesson learned,I too know I cannot change the world,but at least I could show my children the power of kindness and hopefully,God willing,may want to share kindness with another.Why do so many consider kindness a chore?When my husband was sick,I remember those that were kind,but I have to tell you Brenda,there were not many.A handful at best..Why?I know why? So that I can learn from it,to be compassionate and tender.To teach my children that kindness is NOT overrated,but necessary.I know,I'm rambling...thank you sweet Brenda,your kindness is a virtue I honor and respect.Blessings to you dear friend,Cat

  3. Bren, you are SO deserving of this award! Sherry was SO right in giving it to you! Congratulations!!!

    HUGE Hugs!

  4. Congratulations to you Brenda! This award is so for you! Don't ever change.


  5. Hi Brenda! Who says you can't change the world? I think you are. :) And if more people were warm and caring like you are, it would change a hellava lot faster! LOL! You have a great weekend - xo Pam

  6. Oh Brenda I've been told the same thing in my life. I guess I just see the potential in people. Encouragement can work miracles, sometimes people just need someone to believe in them! You are a joy to everyone who knows you!

  7. Brenda, you just don't know how much my life has changed since you've come in to it. I'm more blessed every day with each of your comments. The words you wrote in your post are like a slice of heaven. Thanks for reminding me of who I really am. I've been a little bitter lately due to things out of my control, but I can control how I respond to those. So to you my heart is thankful and free of those negative feelings. Thanks so much for thinking of me for this beautiful amazing award.

    Bright blessings,