Monday, April 12, 2010

Hurry in The Witchie Wedding Is About To Begin and a Wonderful Award!!

Yeah Aggie's Big Day has finally arrived!!"

and another awesome award too, whoo hooo!!!

Come on in and

Welcome to Aggie's Wedding Day, beware of Aggie's cobweb collection on your way through
The Ushers (the monsters of coarse) will seat you
Don't leave without having some Wedding Cake, if you dare...
Awww, look her familiar has donated some Hair Balls for Aggie's Boo quet (everyone knows a black cat's hair balls look just like that, orange with eyes) giggle, giggle, snort

Aggie will be listing soon on Ebay. Be sure to place SEHA in the Ebay search engine for more wonderful Halloween Art and Wedding Witches listing April 10th - 17th.

Okay, this one was just to much fun!!! I want to make a whole Wedding Party now!!

Next have you heard? I have been nominated by Becca of Magikal Seasons for another awesome award!! Speaking of wonderful art, you must check out Becca's if you haven't already. She makes the most whimsical and fun creations. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!! I am really humbled by this one. This award is for Art You Think is Wonderful. Wow, thank you Becca for such a wonderful compliment and for such a beautiful award!! Although, I could pass this one on to an infinite list , I will limit myself to only a few.

I would like to give this wonderful award to the following amazing Artists.

Kathy of Calkat The Jewelry Junkie (and they say what's in a name, lol) you will love her creations!!

Cat of In the Light Of The Moon (she is the queen of mixed media creations)!!!

Lisa of LLA Creations (I am in awwww every time I see her new carvings)!!!

Thank you again Becca for thinking of me and my work!!

Next more on Wool and I'm starting my "Spring / Summer Swap Piece" for my MHA / Etsy Team Partner. I can't wait to see what everyone creates!!

Have a wonderful week!!


  1. Omgosh Brenda...she Rocks!!I think a wediing party idea is Killer!!!hehhehe!!And wow a wonderful award too...thank you Friend,you are way to good to me.Hugs-Cat

  2. Aggie is just to much and her wonderful smile and that beatiful "HAIR"! But my question is what is her husband????? In time will he showing up???? Great work and detail!

  3. Wonderful Brenda! Love the idea of a wedding witch. Where is she registered so I can bring a gift? LOL.

  4. Brenda how cool is that!! Love your wedding witch and the award is fantastic. Congrats girl!!

  5. You did a wonderful job on Aggie and congrats too! :)

  6. Hey Brenda I know you have already received one of these awards. But I wanted you to have another one. I think your work is awesome.
    So go to my blog and pick your second one up.

  7. Just delightful Brenda! Aggie's got that look in her eye that says she's planned a long time for this day and everything is perfect! Nicely done!!!!! And congratulations on another well deserved award. :)

  8. Hi Brenda,
    Aggie is fantastic! Awedding witch witch is so fun and very clever:)
    Congratulations on your award!


  9. Awww...thanks so much Brenda for thinking of me for the wonderful award...I'm speechless...LOL!

    Love the slide show and Aggie, she's great.

    I'll make a little post about my award shortly.

    I hope all is well with you.

    Bright blessings,

  10. Brenda you so deserve this award! Your bride rocks, she is totally wicked! Kudos to you!


  11. Best wishes to the bride, she is lovely! LOL! She does look very happy about her Big Day. Great work - and I love the story - hee hee!! xox Pam

  12. I just lvoe this witch bride!!:o)

  13. This is fabulous, Brenda!! You did an AMAZING job with her - so much detail. I wish Aggie all the best on her wedding day! Lisa