Monday, April 26, 2010

Another FAB Monday!! A Grand Award!!! A Couple of Giveaways!!!


Loving this one!!! This was awarded to me by Cindy of Shaggy Hag Decor!! Cindy has a few blogs and each one is FANTASTIC!!! You must check them out, she creates some of the best vintage style Halloween Art ever!!
(As Quoted by Cindy): I created this award for a few of my favorite Halloween Artists. This is for those that are always ready to lend a hand. I have so many but will limit it to 4.
Becca from Magical Seasons
Brenda (that's me, yippeeeee!!)
This is a big thank you for always being there for everyone!! (End of Quote)

What a wonderful surprise, thank you SO much Cindy for thinking of me!! I should be giving you this Award, your the best and you always go above and beyond for everyone!!
Next Looky Looky...

Here's an awesome giveaway!! Lisa from Pearl Avenue Studios created this beautiful luminary for the Halloween Queens Castle Bootique Giveaway. Be sure to pop over to the Bootique to enter and then fly on over to Lisa's blog. You'll find amazing Halloween art on both of those stops!!
What You Want MORE, okey dokey...

Be sure to fly by Lynda's blog Haunted Swamp Designs for another fun Giveaway!! Her Giveaway is a DIY, loving it!!! Hurry over to check it out!!
I'm beginning to really like Mondays!!
Enjoy all of the amazing Halloween Artists Links I've included in today's post, you won't be disappointed!! They are truly amazing Creators and Artists!!
Happy Monday and good luck on those Giveaways!!


  1. Hey Gal just look at you another award!! And you truly deserve it congrats on the award I am soooo happy for you.OK going to check the giveaways out.

  2. Congrats hon...very well deserved!! Hugs my friend!! Off to see the giveaways!!
    Hugs and love, Sarah

  3. Congrats very well deserved! :) Happy Monday! I'm off to check Lynda's giveaway!

  4. Congratulations on the award Brenda! You are so deserving of it! How is the wool coming?


  5. You have an unconditional spirit! I am so happy others recognize this in you also. and I have to admit, as I hit myself in the head...I picture your wool cleaning process and you are the wicked wool gatherer!
    Love to you Lisa

  6. So many wonderful awards and Giveaways..I'm off to check them out!!Thanks Brenda!!Cat

  7. Congrats, Brenda! Well deserved! :) I am going to pop over to those blogs - yippeee! Happy Tuesday! How's that wool coming along? :) xoxo Pam

  8. You have another Award over on my blog!
    Fly by and see!

  9. Thanks Brenda for posting Ruth. I have added your name into the post twice. Your blog is wonderful. I also love to wash my own wool. Something about seeing that dirty smelly stuff turn into something so beautiful and clean gives me such satisfaction.

  10. Big congrats Brenda! :)