Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 1/2 hours and 7 banners later!!

Okay, I have sat down a couple of times now to create a banner for my Etsy shop, ughhhhh. It is a real pain in my hinny. Each time all I did was get frustrated and said just forget it!! So I sat down again determined that I could do this!! I collaged, I resized, chopped off heads, chopped off my shop name, ughhhhhhhh, Calgon Take Me Away!!! I did this from 11:00 pm to 4:30 am, good grief.....Finally 5 1/2 hours and 7 banners later, whooo hooo, I have one( picture above with one of my wicked friends), happy dancing!! So I surf around at other shops and I discover this Shop Announcement thing, huhhhh, what in the world, are you kidding me, ughhhh. So now I have to make a shop announcement, that will have to come another day, I have no more patience left in me, lol.
This was way more FUN!!
I shipped mine Friday, whooo hooo!!
My very first swap!! MHA had a Spring / Summer Theme Swap and I joined in the fun!! Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios is my partner, whooo hoooo, I always adore her work!! I can't wait to show you what I created for Sarah (really hoping she likes it) and what Sarah created for me, pics soon!!!
Busy, busy, busy creating my Swap piece, check, done, yippeeee.
Way to frustrated with techie computer stuff, so tomorrow we are traveling to a happy place, yepper, Wool Wednesday, ahhhhhhhhh, feeling better already, lol.
See ewes tomorrow.....
Happy Tuesday Everyone!!


  1. Oh hon..you should have called me...I would have helped ya with this..I spent sooooooo many hours creating headers...especially for Etsy...ackkk the size is horrid! Yours is wonderful...I loove it!!!
    I am so thrilled that you are my partner...I hope you like what went off to you too..I had fun creating something just for you..
    Whoot can't wait to get my treat from you..will love it I know!!
    Hugs and happy Tuesday hon, Sarah

  2. Love yours and yep I've been there too! In fact I need a new one! Sarah looks like she's up for it humm... :)

  3. Turned out very nicely Brenda ~ well worth the effort!!! :) Take heart ~ I LOVE doing all the computer, html, and graphic design but I find everything about Etsy to be as convoluted as it gets! Not sure what the deal is with them.

    Still waiting for Mr Tinkles . . . .

  4. Hi Brenda! Love the banner! I am lucky to have a house full of tekkie-types, so I just point and whine when I need help. LOL!! Have a lovely Wool Wednesday! xox!

  5. It looks great Brenda! I have tried to make banners and like you get frustrated and quit. The programs that are supposed to be sooo easy to use, Okay, yea, right. Have been wondering about the wool, so I am excited about seeing your post today. Kudos to you on sticking it out making your banner!


  6. Loving the banner!!I know what you mean,they take so long to get just right!!!But well worth it!!Big hugs,Cat

  7. Brenda, 5 1/2 hrs, and 7 banners later, it looks great. I gave up with mine and paid someone, until I get it right! I keep putting it off! Great swap! Love it.

  8. OM Gosh ladies thank you!!! I thought that crazyness was just me and my lack of techieness!!!! I feel so much better knowing that it is Etsy's goofy sizing that is creating the problems!!

    Thank you for all of your kind words on my banner too!! They mean so much to me coming from such wonderful friends. Thank goodness though as I can't go through another 5 1/2 of that, lol.

    Sarah, you may just end up with a new career, lol.

    Getting Wool Wednesday organized be back later
    Happy Woolly Wednesday All!!

  9. Oooo...I love your banner. I can't believe you stayed up all night long doing that...that sounds like something Carrie would do to...LOL! Well I'm sure you'll have no problems with your shop announcement, you're good with words. But I do think keeping it short and to the point is best.

    Have a great Tuesday and ummmmm....get some sleep if you can :D

    Bright blessings,