Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Game Of Photo Tag with Flat Stanley

I've been tagged, photo tagged that is. I was first tagged by Dede of Brightest Blessings Wiccans. So how does it work? Well, you go to your first photo album and pick the tenth picture, post it, and tell about it. Okay sounds easy enough. There's only one problem though my actual photo albums are packed and buried in a closet never to be seen again I'm sure... Lack of storage, don't you just hate it!! Next, my digital photo album, ummm, no that won't work it's filled with pictures you've already seen here or pictures of my grand kids that I can't post here, long story.... So what do I have? Ahhh haaaa, this, lol....
Another good reason why I don't have any pictures to show, lol. Here is just a small grouping of yes, guilty as charged, hanging my head in shame. Rolls of film and disposable cameras still waiting to be developed. Yeah, I save them for several years before they finally get developed. So go ahead pick number 10 and we'll all be surprised to see what it is, lol.
OM, I've been tagged again!! This time by Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios. Now what do I do? Ahhh haaa, I've got it. This time it involves a phone call to my sister. Kim does Becca still have her Flat Stanley Book? Becca, yeah. I need the tenth picture, can you scan and email it to me? After a long conversation of why? It arrives. So what is the story behind Flat Stanley, loads of fun...

Flat Stanley was a school project for my niece Becca several years ago now. Flat Stanley is a real story for children. Long story short, Becca had to make her own Flat Stanley and mail him to someone. The person who received him was to journal information about the weather in their area, their landscape, take a few pictures of the area they live in, etc. But I was living in PA. at the time, she is in NY (we were only about 40 minutes away from each other) so the weather, landscape, etc are basically the same. So now what do I do? I've got it, I'll scrapbook him, lol. I pictured him with the "Welcome To Pennsylvania Sign", pictures with the family, and so on. Everywhere we went Stanley went, people had to think we were totally insane, lol. What I won't do for my niece and nephew. The timing of their project was perfect since it was Christmas time there was plenty of things going on. On this particular page he went to work with me for our company Christmas party, lol, yep. Flat Stanley visited with Santa, danced with a co worker, posed with the tree, presents and snacks and even went for a walk in the country (lol, we taped him to one of landscape pictures hanging in the lunch room for his walk). We had a riot with Flat Stanley, looking back at these pictures, I think he had a lot of fun to, lol.
PS, Becca received an "A" on her school project, "AKA" my "A", lol, I'm still trying to figure out how it was the students class projects. The teacher loved it so much that she put it on display. And my niece still has her Flat Stanley Book that I created for her after all of these years, I'm thrilled to know that I created more than a Flat Stanley Scrapbook, I created a wonderful childhood memory that is still being cherished today!!! Love ya Becca from your auntie Laa Laa!!!
So now I'm suppose to pass it on to 5 other bloggers!! This one touched me more than you know, so I would love to see all of my followers nab this one!! Please do, I would love to hear your stories!!!
Happy Over The Hump Day!!


  1.'re to funny! I do love all that film, but you better hurry and get it developed. If not properly stored it will go bad. Unfortunately I had that happen to me...sigh! Thank goodness for DIGITAL! My son had the same project at school one year too. We sent ours to a friend in Australia, it was lots of fun seeing all the different places.

    Have a great day!

    Bright blessings,

  2. LOL You're not alone with the 35mm film ~ but I got you one better. Hubby still has unused rolls of it in the frig ~ and I don't think we even have a 35mm camera anymore! Hmmmm ~ perhaps someday the Smithsonian may be interested . . .

  3. First, Congratulations of being tagged! Also, You are so sweet to compliment on my nest piece!
    That best of blessings to you!
    Linda :)

  4. Oh Brenda I love your pictures! I too have that tub of throw away cameras that need to be developed. I found them last week. I can only imagine what is one them. Kudos on your school project, I bet it was fun to do.


  5. Your first photo is SO funny. .I can laugh because I have a vegetable drawer in my fridge that looks just about the same. I keep flip-flopping as to whether to spend the money to have them developed (quit doing it myself some time back, and am never quite happy with commercial lab work), but curiosity keeps me from tossing them. lol

    And your second one is SO precious! Besides creating a wonderful memory for your family, it sounds like you also spread a lot of good humor among your co-workers too. All from a simple cut-out, and your extreme creativity! Well done!!

    I can't leave without giving you a big hug, and huge congratulations on being awarded Sarah's Mental Duck to Mental Swan award! You are SO deserving of it!