Wednesday, March 10, 2010

For Renee and The Memory of Mothers Everywhere Including My Own.

The passing of Renee has been a tremendous loss to the blogging world. She touched so many of us. When I first discovered her blog I instantly started reliving our journey during my Mother's cancer. She lived exactly one month from the day she was diagnosed. After she passed I wrote this in memory of a wonderful Mother although I think it fits well for anyone who has lost someone special in their life. I think this is a good time to share it with all of you with so many sharing the sadness of Renee's passing and the family and friends she leaves behind.
Walking The Threshold Of Life
By Brenda LaBell
As we walk through the threshold of life, we often forget about the things that are important. We only get one chance to walk through that threshold and be sure we do it right. So remember that life can be too short, too hectic, too fast paced and sometimes unforgiving. Make the effort to spend time with your loved ones. Don't let them slip away without sharing their laughter, their sorrow, their likes, their dislikes, and to grasp onto everything they represent for this is what you are left with when the threshold of destiny comes upon you.
As we sit here just a short time after your passing, Mother, we gaze to wonder if we did everything we could to hold your memories with us forever. You were fifty-four years young to us, but in your threshold of life you had reached old age. During your last weeks of life there was so much to say, but none of us could. How do you tell the ones you love good-bye? But somehow you did with the little things you said. Such as, "I'll miss you", "I love you", and by telling us not to cry. You faced it so bravely Mother, and mothers don't leave their children, or so we think. Our hearts are forever filled with your memories, your love you gave unconditionally, and you will by missed.
As each of us continue our walk through the threshold of life, we can only hope we do it right, for we each only get one walk, and our destiny is not yet foretold. You were the best Mother, Grandmother, and Wife. You really did put everyone before yourself. You gave us so much. You often asked..."What am I here for?" Well, now we know and we only hope you know it too. You were an important person in each of our lives. You listened, you cared, you loved us, and you gave us all of the things we needed to carry on without you. Stand proud for you did a great job! You touched so many lives in such a short time. You won't be forgotten or unspoken of. You will live on in each of us through our thoughts and our stories.
With all our love...
God Bless You Mom
Patricia Anne Cram
March 19, 1944 - June 5, 1998

Your Loving Family
Miss You Mom
It's so hard to lose the ones we love, family and friends. My thoughts and prayers are with each of you as your heart aches for the loss of Renee. "The Power Of Renee" will live on through each of you.
((Hugs To All Of You))


  1. Brenda thank you so much for sharing the lovely words you wrote to your mom.I am almost afraid to say it out loud,that I have really never experienced loss like this,but your words have given me insight and I am thankful.Isnt it strange how some souls touch us and they never even realize it.They leave traces of themselves in the wind,in the trees,in the smells.I am thankful to know you sweet Brenda.Warmest,Cat

  2. Oh Brenda...I cannot tell you how beautiful that was..I am sobbing again..for Renee and you and your mama and beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us..Thank you for being there for me too hon..As always, you touch my heart hon! Love you bunches, Sarah

  3. Cat, I wish I could say that my Mother was my first great loss but she was not. Actually my first great loss was our daughter, I was 20 years old and it still feels like it was yesturday. A story for another time.

    ((Hugs to you Cat & Sarah))

  4. What a wonderful memory you wrote.
    My mother two weeks after she was diagnosed. It's so shocking.

    The ache in my stomach and heart is overwhelming today... Reading all the blog posts about Renee, my hero, angel...
    Are you a member of the Traveling Gypsy Caravan Renee, Sonia and I started??? I was Renee's personal chef!

    I see your witch face from the class.. looks good as a header..

  5. Brenda ~ thank-you for sharing such a tender and touching tribute. Too often people who suffer such great loss turn inward and dwell alone with their sorrow. But you my dear have not ~ you have chosen instead to be a bright spot in people's days with your positive disposition and encouragement. I am so happy to have the opportunity to benefit from knowing you!!!

  6. My prayers are with Renee and her family for I too (unfortunately) know the loss of a parent. Recently my father passed away (on my birthday). Your words are very encouraging in my time healing. I miss him so much everyday, but know that I will be reunited with him in a much better place. He is in every step I take.

    Brenda, my life has been richly blessed since you've walked in to it...even if it's through cyber world.

    Many blessings,

  7. Ah, Brenda, that is so beautiful, I know you feel blessed with the love you received from your Mom. I think you healed many, by this post.

    Hugs to you, Lisa