Monday, January 11, 2010

Whooo hooo feeling better, something finished and WIP, IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!!

Here's my SEHA THEME entry. Listing her tonight on Ebay. This month's theme is The Kitchen Witch, so I opted for a Frosty Winter Kitchen Witch (comfort food season), although now that she is finished she reminds me a bit more of Smurfette, lol. At least she's not Grumpy Smurf, hehehehehe.

I have a few Valentine's items in progress, an Easter Bunny Girl and I have a few ideas for sculpting, mixed media ACEO albums, yikkeessss I'm going to need more hours in the day to get caught up. I am so thrilled to be back and in the creative spirit again. I really needed this fix!

Thank you everyone for all of your well wishes I greatly appreciate them all. I'll tell you what I didn't feel that bad when I had surgery, yuck it was awful. I even opened my house up for a bit today hoping all of those bad germs and bad vibes leave the building.

Sure hope everyone is loving 2010 so far, I am now....

More pics soon


  1. Oh I love her! She is wickedly wonderful! I am so happy to have you back. Make sure not to over do it, give your body the rest that it needs.