Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stubborn, Bullheaded, Pigheaded, thats me

but guess where it got me. You got it nowhere!! I ignored the ear aches, my throat feeling like Mt St Helen, my neck being swollen and sore to the touch, the cough of hacking up four lungs straight from my toes, and a nose like Niagra Falls. All of this and I still kept saying it's just a cold, it's not that bad. Alright I caved today when making a can of soup and doing a few dishes totally wiped me out. Hubby and I made the trip to the Doctor's Office (an hour each way, like we weren't tired enough). We have a sinus infection, bronchitis, swollen glands and I have two ear infections to boot. Now that I am on antibiotics and prescription cough medicine maybe I will really start feeling better and if I hadn't been so stubborn I probably would have really felt better a few days ago. Now I have to miss my second weekend with the grand kids due to my foolishness. I really think this is a woman's trait, they feel like they always have to take care of everyone else but totally neglect themselves. Please remember to take care of yourselves and not just everyone around you!!



  1. Oh no Brenda...ackkkk I am so sorry you have felt so horrid!! Geesh..I totally understand. I guess when I had money..I just went to the dr. for I wait like you did..hoping it will get better. So glad ya went and are feeling better soon. Big chicken soupy hugs, Sarah

  2. Oh Brenda....I have been where you are right now. My doctor asked me, so why did you bother to come see me? I couldn't shake it. Bronchitis seems to take forever to get over, makes you so tired. Get lots of rest and do take all of your meds, even when you start to feeling better. I have missed you! Please take care of my friend.


  3. Yes, Brenda, take care...I've had a sinus infection for nearly a month and am just now starting to feel better. My mind has energy but the body wants rest! Lots of vitamin C, and put your feet up!

  4. Oh, so sorry your sick Brenda. I'm glad you broke down and went to the doctor. Hopefully now you will be on the mend in no time. Take care of yourself. Big hug, Tammy

  5. UGH!!!!!I'm happy your getting some meds and hopefully they will kick in fast and you'll feel better soon.Make sure you get the rest your body needs!!I feel like such a mommy! ( :
    Get better Friend!!Hugs-Cat