Monday, December 14, 2009

Peppermint Stick Ernie Elf Ornie (Silly Guy)

This Elf was named after a very good friend, bet your scared now by the company I keep, lol. Full of piss and vinegar, thats what Ernie and this little Elf have in common, can't you just see it, lol. Ernie was sculpted over a wooden spoon to look as though he is part of a candy Peppermint Stick. He was so much fun to create!! I will be listing him in my Etsy shop. Trying to get better pictures of him. I take horrible pictures, sorry. Sure hope he made you smile too.



  1. Yes, he made me smile. But, your work always does. Love his ears. You know what they say about birds of a feather, flocking together. LOL I take horrible pictures too. No matter what I do, they NEVER turn out right.


  2. Brenda, just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and have fun fun fun!!!!!

  3. Brenda thank you so much for commenting on my blog.

    You hit the nail on the head, it is a feeling of helplessness.

    I am sorry to hear that your Mom had to go through this.

    Renee xoxo

  4. Brenda,Just wanted to wish you a merry Christmas.You are such a sweet friend and I am so thankful for you.Your kind words,the time you take to visit me and your warm personality.Have a wonderful day Sweet Brenda!!Hugs,Cat