Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I'm A WINNER AGAIN, Merry Christmas to ME!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ME!! Looky Looky what I won!! This 5" X 10" print of Sarah Sullivan's Gift Shop on the Magical Holiday Artists Blog. I love her artwork and own a few pieces including a custom Avatar created just for me!! I will have to post a picture of it sometime, it is adorable as is all of her work!! Be sure to check out Sarah's blog and her Etsy Shop. She's like a potato chip you won't stop at just one visit, lol.

Now I don't play the Lottery or Scratch Off Tickets, but this might be the time to play!!
Thank you for sharing my jump for joy!! Now I have to get my fanny back to work. Hope to have some goodies posting here soon.
Have a great week!!


  1. Congratulations to you Brenda! You so deserve it and it is a wonderful print. Did you see the "Full Moon" that you had sent me, hanging in my room? I so love it. hehe Thank you for the "yes". You made my day.


  2. Giggle Brenda.. I am beyond thrilled to send it off to you hon!! :) LOL potato chip from Idaho..giggle..love you!! Hugs, Sarah

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  4. Oh Brenda, that has got to be one of her best
    pieces!!You are lucky to have one of her prints!!!

  5. Thank you gals!!

    Well isn't that nice that Mr T stopped by my blog, lol.

    LOL Sarah, I forgot you are from Idaho, to funny.