Thursday, July 29, 2010

GI Joe Pimps a New Ride! And A Couple Of New Creations From Me Too!!

Designs by Eddie, 6 years old and Tonya, 5 years old.
Eddie is still looking for the perfect wheels.
Here's a pic of the grand kids latest creations with a little help from grammy.
Tonya has a car for her Polly Pockets to but she hid it on me, lol.
A double seater car boat for GI Joe and a pair of binoculars made from those handy dandy toilet paper rolls. Got to love toilet paper rolls, I swear you can make anything with them!! Caution when using scissors to poke holes for sticks and seats please have an adult to supervise the adult, lol. I sliced my finger wide open during this project, ackkkkkk.

And a couple of
sneak peaks
of my latest creations...

These ornaments will be for sale soon, somewhere new for me, fun, exciting, stay tuned for more info and front view pics, hopefully, lol.
Mumble, mumble, grumble, grumble, I hate taking pictures, darn camera, darn lighting, Yes, I'm sure it's not the person operating the camera, hahahahahaha.

PS, we still have three more Wool Wednesday Challenger Creations coming soon. Can't wait to see them Lori, Maggie and Sherry!!
And a Mystery Guest from London, England with a few Wooly Creations made with my Wool Fuzz and Nubbs, just wait to you see!!
Welp, I'm off. I have been eyebrow deep in wool, so many things to finish and get listed, whewww.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!



  1. Hi Brenda love the ornaments! Can't wait to see the rest. Becareful ouch! I've used rolls to make a candle and a large mushroom. Have a great week too! :)

  2. What a great grammy you are!!! Looks like you had loads of fun ~ well, except for the bloody part.

    I'm so intrigued by the sneak peeks of your ornies.

    Take care!

  3. Aw, I remember those days of kids taping toilet paper rolls together. :)) I love your new ornies. Sorry to be awol from visiting your blog, life has been super crazy (as opposed to normal crazy!). lol!! xo Pam

  4. These sneakie peekies are so intriguing! I'm almost done with my first wool challenge project, so hope you like it! lol I'm trying to get it finished so I can get it up on my blog this weekend...huzzah! :D

  5. LOL Brenda you are to funny gal!! Be careful with those scissors have your grand kids supervise you from now on.LOL Thanks for the sneak peek of your ornaments they are going to be awesome I just know it. Have a great weekend!

  6. Brenda I can't believe that you stuck yourself with scissors, dang that hurts. You are such a tease with these little looks. Can't wait to see the other wool challenges. They have all been great! All so different too. Thank you again so much for having it, sooo much fun! Wishing you a terrific, hurt free weekend!


  7. Hey Brenda!!I'm loving all these creations!!
    GI Joe looks like he's having a fun time.Eddie and Tonya are lucky lucky to have such a wonderful granny!!
    And your new Ornies are looking great!!I really wish I could create like this..starting with one shape and ending up with something as wonderful as this!!Really Cool!!Selling somewhere new too...Congrats!!..Big Hug Friend,Cat

  8. Oh I love your Wizard Ornament!!!
    Looks like you have a couple of artists on your hands! How wonderful!

  9. Who says you can't make anything with toilet paper rolls, I think it's a great idea, and I have been know to use them to start my snowmen! but shouldn't you let the kids show you how to use a scissor? LOL! Your ornaments turned out really great, get them up for sale!

    take it easy, and should I send band aids, sorry, it's been a while since I've caught up on the blogs, it's probably healed by now.

    xxx's Lisa,

  10. Hi Brenda! Love the toilet paper roll creation. Little imaginations always go the distance. Your sneak peak looks so cool! Thanks for sharing! :)

  11. The ornament looks cool! I'm working on some too. Hope your finger is better, I have a bad habit of holding paper between my fingers and then cutting with the scissor pointing into my hand, not a wise thing to do--lol!