Thursday, July 29, 2010

GI Joe Pimps a New Ride! And A Couple Of New Creations From Me Too!!

Designs by Eddie, 6 years old and Tonya, 5 years old.
Eddie is still looking for the perfect wheels.
Here's a pic of the grand kids latest creations with a little help from grammy.
Tonya has a car for her Polly Pockets to but she hid it on me, lol.
A double seater car boat for GI Joe and a pair of binoculars made from those handy dandy toilet paper rolls. Got to love toilet paper rolls, I swear you can make anything with them!! Caution when using scissors to poke holes for sticks and seats please have an adult to supervise the adult, lol. I sliced my finger wide open during this project, ackkkkkk.

And a couple of
sneak peaks
of my latest creations...

These ornaments will be for sale soon, somewhere new for me, fun, exciting, stay tuned for more info and front view pics, hopefully, lol.
Mumble, mumble, grumble, grumble, I hate taking pictures, darn camera, darn lighting, Yes, I'm sure it's not the person operating the camera, hahahahahaha.

PS, we still have three more Wool Wednesday Challenger Creations coming soon. Can't wait to see them Lori, Maggie and Sherry!!
And a Mystery Guest from London, England with a few Wooly Creations made with my Wool Fuzz and Nubbs, just wait to you see!!
Welp, I'm off. I have been eyebrow deep in wool, so many things to finish and get listed, whewww.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!


Saturday, July 17, 2010

And A Pic Of My Latest WIP...


Are you, lol?
The image above is a sneak peak of one of my latest WIPs, wicked cruel aren't I, hahahahahaha
Try to stay cool!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

We're Off to Woodstock, Ireland, A Mad Hatter Tea with Pumpkin Man and your Goody Bag awaits You, It's Time for More Wool Wednesday Challenger Treats!

Before we begin our travels today you may want to tuck your credit cards or other magical treats in this Goody Bag!! Created by Dede of Brightest Blessings Wiccans!! She even created the handmade button, totally awesome Dede!!

Maybe we'll run into this guy at the Mad Hatters Tea Party today, you never know....
I adore this Pumpkin Man Ornament!! He was created by Becca of Magikal Seasons!!

It's A Mad Hatter Tea Party Today and Robert of Halloween Fanatic created this Fab Mad Hatter for the Special Occasion!! Be sure to pop over to Robert's Blog today for his Mad Tea Party!! He came out wonderful Robert, I will be popping over for some fun today!!

A blast from the past and we're off to Woodstock!! Created by Chris of Magical Fairys!! Isn't she beautiful, love her and her Peace Sign, what a great touch!

Are you ready to party with the Irish Green!!! Hang on to your Shamrocks and away we go...
So what happens when you mix an Irish Farmer with the Black Sheep of the Family, well this of coarse, lol.
Here is Sarah's Creation of Cottage Garden Studios!!
I love green, emeralds and this guy!!! Fantastic Sarah!!

Whoooo hoooo folks for some of the most fabulous creations I have ever seen!!
Will there be more, yes indeed, so hold on tight this ride isn't over quite yet!!!

I also wanted to apologize for being late again this week, this crazy heat, I've been suffering with my first ever heat rash and had to have two teeth pulled last week, acckkkkk and I spent most of the day yesterday with my 6 year old Grandson who is so sick, my poor baby. He has been running a high fever and throwing up, so when he called Grammy yesterday to tell me he felt like he was going to throw up and he didn't feel good well off to my Eddie's house I went. We ended up taking him to the Doctor's and they didn't feel it was heat related nor did they think it was step so we are still waiting for the test results today. Grammy tends to drop everything when it comes to her Grand Babies, sorry folks!!

Today is showing progress though, yipppeeeee. I am playing with Kool Aid and more food coloring, OH YEAH!!! More on that very soon!!
Happy Wool ummmm Thursday All, lol
Hope your all having a wonderful week!!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Birthday America and

Happy 39th Birthday to my wonderful sister Kim!!!
Remember I'm smiling because your my sister
I'm laughing because you don't have choice, hehehehe.
But it could have been worse, if Dad had gotten his way you would be...

Cindy Puff, ROTFLMAO
Love ya!!


Enjoy your holiday weekend everyone!!!