Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wow, A Wonderful Award From A Very Dear Friend!! The Bryrum Spiritual Art Award!!!


As quoted by Sherry of Byrum Art:

It has been along Winter and I've had some difficult transitions in my life this Winter. Many of my online friends have continued to inspire me and help me just by being their selves. It's been awhile since I've given this award out but I would like to pass in on to some of the ladies here on blogger land that have encouraged me to continue despite my personal problems and despite the economy. To me the greatest spiritual gift one can give is encouragement and support to others!! So I want to thank

Brenda of Wicked Wool Gathering (whooo hooo, that's me!!)

and my special friend of Witch Hollow Primitives who is greatly missed!!

So ladies I hope you will pass my humble Award on to those who have inspired you and your offerings this loonnngggg Winter this year!!

(End of quote.)

Thank you Sherry for thinking of me!!

I'm a natural born giver, it's just my nature, I know that and I've known it for a very long time, probably about the time I was dating and my Mother generally didn't approve of anyone I dated including the guy I've been married to for 29 years. But it was back then that she made a statement to me that has not only stuck but made me realize a big part of who I am. Her statement "You know you can't save the world don't you?" It was right there and then that I realized she was right (not that I was intentionally trying to save the world, it's just who I am)but I also made the conscious decision to give and be passionate of everyone I meet. As the old saying goes, you don't know why a person is the way they are until you've walked a mile in their shoes. So remember that it is important to leave a grin, a smile, a laugh, a gentle hug, words of encouragement, or a simple hey I've been thinking of you, with everyone you meet and remember to not be quick to judge as it really does make a difference in each of our lives!! The words you give come back to you!! And although we may not be able save the world, I believe we have the power within ourselves to make the world a better place. I live by this rule, I believe in the Poem at the top of my blog!! Call me childish, maybe I'm living in a Fantasy World but I choose to believe. By the number of WONDERFUL AWARDS that I have received as of late I'd say it not only works but stands very true!!

Thank you Sherry!!
So I would like to pass this wonderful award on to a few special people, people that I feel give of themselves unconditionally:
Of coarse I would include Sherry and all of the wonderful ladies on Sherry's list, I will pass it on to a couple more wonderful ladies:
Thank you ladies for making a huge difference in my life!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Another FAB Monday!! A Grand Award!!! A Couple of Giveaways!!!


Loving this one!!! This was awarded to me by Cindy of Shaggy Hag Decor!! Cindy has a few blogs and each one is FANTASTIC!!! You must check them out, she creates some of the best vintage style Halloween Art ever!!
(As Quoted by Cindy): I created this award for a few of my favorite Halloween Artists. This is for those that are always ready to lend a hand. I have so many but will limit it to 4.
Becca from Magical Seasons
Brenda (that's me, yippeeeee!!)
This is a big thank you for always being there for everyone!! (End of Quote)

What a wonderful surprise, thank you SO much Cindy for thinking of me!! I should be giving you this Award, your the best and you always go above and beyond for everyone!!
Next Looky Looky...

Here's an awesome giveaway!! Lisa from Pearl Avenue Studios created this beautiful luminary for the Halloween Queens Castle Bootique Giveaway. Be sure to pop over to the Bootique to enter and then fly on over to Lisa's blog. You'll find amazing Halloween art on both of those stops!!
What You Want MORE, okey dokey...

Be sure to fly by Lynda's blog Haunted Swamp Designs for another fun Giveaway!! Her Giveaway is a DIY, loving it!!! Hurry over to check it out!!
I'm beginning to really like Mondays!!
Enjoy all of the amazing Halloween Artists Links I've included in today's post, you won't be disappointed!! They are truly amazing Creators and Artists!!
Happy Monday and good luck on those Giveaways!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wool Processing Woolly Wednesday Adventure Part 1 & 2 and a Happy Dancing Award!!

Whooo hooo, I'm a happy dancing girl once again!! I have been honored once again with this awesome Award!! This time by Chris of Prim Country Farms, love hers and her husband's Prim Goodies!! Thank you so much Chris for thinking of me for this Wonderful Art Award!!

Wool!! I am addicted, is there such a thing as Woolly Wove, I'm sure I have it!! Currently there is no cure for this disease, lol.

Remember wool is a 100% natural and renewable resource.

Want To Process Your Own Wool? I will have a great link at the end of today's post. I have done a lot of research on processing your own wool and this is one of the best links I have found.

Part 1 & 2: Sorting and Washing continued: So we have sorted out our wool prior to washing. Note: I do not pull out slightly discolored wool prior to washing and here's why. I'm a firm believer in "waste not, want not". It will work perfectly for the core of your dryer balls and / or stuffing. So with that said where have we been and where are we going. Washing your own wool will NOT be a fast process but you can do other things while completing this part of the process. I wash mine in about 1/2 pound increments due to the fact that I am using my kitchen sink, which opens up some other inconveniences, lol. A 2 3/4 pound bag of raw - dirty wool was sorted and separated into 5 batches for washing. Each batch receives 2 - 3 washes (I use Dawn Dish Soap) and three rinses. Which takes a total of 2 1/2 - 3 hours to complete per batch (that is just the washing process). Each wash and rinse soaks for 15 to 20 minutes. This was NOT real dirty wool, so keep that in mind. The dirtier your wool the longer this process will take. It is very important NOT to agitate your wool during the washing and rinsing process as this will felt your wool!! So with three really good wash days so far I have managed to wash less than 5 pounds of wool, did I mention this is time consuming, lol, but after it drys you will be so happy with your results and extremely proud that you did it yourself. Well I only have about another 24 more pounds to go, yikeeessss.

So what have I learned: I did buy some heavy duty Playtex Gloves and yes, that water is still freakin hot!! I have burned my hands and wrists even with my new gloves. I now also have a dedicated Wooden Wool Washing Spoon, to gently poke my wool into the hot water instead of using just my hands, ouch!!! It also appears that my skin is not overly fond of my new wool hobby. I am carrying the red itchy rash to prove it, lol. But I am stubborn and I will continue with my new journey!! Yes, I am still loving it even though there are some drawbacks (don't forget about the smell, I swear them sheep are rolling in their urine, that part is truly awful, but obviously not enough to discourage me). I don't even want to know how that speaks of my character, good griefffff. I have very sensitive skin so I should have known this was probably going to be an issue, so if you have sensitive skin this is another thing to keep in mind. Oh yeah did I mention that I've learned I need a much bigger house and a 2nd kitchen would be grand, lol.

Yippeeee, it's time to dry!!!

It's on top of the dryer...

It's on top of the washer...

It's on the heat vents...

and even in the yard!!!

Yes, you will need a lot of drying area!! I am also now planning laundry day around washing and drying wool day, lol. Place your wool on top of your dryer while drying your laundry. Drying outside is best, when the weather cooperates and is the fastest but beware of windy days or you will be chasing your wool, lol.

Just to show you how bad the Woolly Wove Disease is... Guess what came today... Yummy, over 7 pounds of wool roving, yippeeee!!!!
Aren't you just dyeing to know what I'm going to do with this...

Are you ready to process your own wool? I finally found one site that had the best information and takes you through the whole process instead of bit by bit. Here it is, hope you enjoy it: .

A bit of wool trivia: Did you know that it is recommended that you shear a sheep at least once a year as their wool continues to grow like our hair does. Of coarse that explains part of that awful smell, just imagine what our hair would look and smell like if we only washed it once a year, ewwwww. Also, it is highly recommended that you not bathe your sheep as you will felt the wool right on their body, talk about a bad hair day, lol.

So we survived washing (well at least you have, I still have about 24 more pounds to go, hehehe) and drying. So where do we go next, we will be dyeing our wool during our next Wool Wednesday.
Inquiring minds want to know and the answer is yes. Coming soon, I will be offering up some of my woolly wares for sale here on my blog and my Etsy Shop.

So it's back to work for me. I have a sculpture screaming my name (currently I'm calling him Mr. Tinkles, hehehehe) and those darn sheep are blat ting at me again. So until next time.

Have a great day!!!


Monday, April 12, 2010

Hurry in The Witchie Wedding Is About To Begin and a Wonderful Award!!

Yeah Aggie's Big Day has finally arrived!!"

and another awesome award too, whoo hooo!!!

Come on in and

Welcome to Aggie's Wedding Day, beware of Aggie's cobweb collection on your way through
The Ushers (the monsters of coarse) will seat you
Don't leave without having some Wedding Cake, if you dare...
Awww, look her familiar has donated some Hair Balls for Aggie's Boo quet (everyone knows a black cat's hair balls look just like that, orange with eyes) giggle, giggle, snort

Aggie will be listing soon on Ebay. Be sure to place SEHA in the Ebay search engine for more wonderful Halloween Art and Wedding Witches listing April 10th - 17th.

Okay, this one was just to much fun!!! I want to make a whole Wedding Party now!!

Next have you heard? I have been nominated by Becca of Magikal Seasons for another awesome award!! Speaking of wonderful art, you must check out Becca's if you haven't already. She makes the most whimsical and fun creations. They are guaranteed to put a smile on your face!! I am really humbled by this one. This award is for Art You Think is Wonderful. Wow, thank you Becca for such a wonderful compliment and for such a beautiful award!! Although, I could pass this one on to an infinite list , I will limit myself to only a few.

I would like to give this wonderful award to the following amazing Artists.

Kathy of Calkat The Jewelry Junkie (and they say what's in a name, lol) you will love her creations!!

Cat of In the Light Of The Moon (she is the queen of mixed media creations)!!!

Lisa of LLA Creations (I am in awwww every time I see her new carvings)!!!

Thank you again Becca for thinking of me and my work!!

Next more on Wool and I'm starting my "Spring / Summer Swap Piece" for my MHA / Etsy Team Partner. I can't wait to see what everyone creates!!

Have a wonderful week!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Rub A Dub Dub There's A Sheep In My Tub....and my WIPs

So it begins....Today was the first day of starting my adventure into processing my own wool fleeces. As you remember Hubby gave me some on our Anniversary. Awww, nothing says love like a good farm smelling fleece. I went and bought another 19 and 3/4 pounds more and the lady I bought it from gave me another two pounds. My poor husband looked at the seven large garbage bags on her table and said that's all yours?????????? With the cheesiest grin I responded uhhh huhhhhh, poor guy.....
So day one and what have I learned. First let me say, I LOVE IT!! I find it very therapeutic. Believe it or not, this is some of the white wool, looking pretty dirty, its going to get better..
Now for my first lessons. Too much soap, oops, makes it much harder to get rinsed clear with SO many bubbles.
Next buy a pair of good Playtex gloves, I burned the **it out of my hands!!!
Love these!!!
and I got to put the Horse Before The Cart, I usually do...
In the two pounds the lady gave me there were batts / batting nice and clean and ready to use, yippee. It's a very dark chocolate brown. So last night I made these. Wool Dryer Balls, they are a lot of fun to make. Again very relaxing. I will tell you more about this process later. First we have to sort out the unusable stuff, wash, dry, pick / tease, comb and make rolags from our raw wool fleece and then we can create. I'm the only one allowed here to put the Cart Before The Horse, lol. I can't wait to try soap felting too!!

Yikes, that's a lot of wool, I better get those gloves this weekend, I have a lot of work yet to do, lol, poor hubby....

Here's a few pics of my Wedding Witch still in progress but she's getting closer...

Here's the front view, hahahahahahaha. She has a lovely netted underskirt, hehehehehe.

Check out how long her netted train is!!!!

A bit closer up...

and she'll be holding this little JOL treat bucket for her bouquet, haven't figured out what to put in it as of yet????? Any ideas???

So there you have it. The sheep are hanging out in my kitchen and I'm trying to plan a Witchie Wedding, no rest for the Wicked, lol.

Hope your having a wonderful week!!

I'll be back to baaahhh ther you more soon...


Monday, April 5, 2010

Have You Heard? Agatha Twitch The Witch Is Getting Hitched!!

She will be my entry for the SEHA Monthly Theme Challenge
"Wedding Witch"
Be sure to check them all out listing April 10th - 17th on Ebay!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010