Sunday, May 16, 2010

From Start to Finish!! Spirits Of The Night / Ghosts...

From this...
to this....

She is my entry for this months SEHA Challenge...
Spirits Of The Night / Ghosts

What do you think?

Hope everyone is having a super weekend!!

It is beautiuful here in New York so I'm going to go enjoy a bit of it before I start my ghost listing on Ebay, hopefully she will start tonight depending on how nice that weather is outside, lol. Now listed on Ebay.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Could You At Least Pass Me My Paint Brush...

Feeling a bit like this lately, lol...

Here's my latest WIP.
Deadline, Friday, huh, what? Are you out of your mind?????

Awwww, that's better.....

Thank You Kathy!!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!!


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looky What I Got and Mr. Tinkles!!

Looky, looky what I got from Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios!! Lucky me, aren't they beautiful. I totally love my treats. They are so much better in person, I'm such a lousy photographer, so sorry Sarah. My pictures don't begin to do them justice!!

Beautifully Matted!!

The Magical Holiday Artists had a Spring / Summer Theme Swap and I joined in for my very first time, quite nervous I was...

I love my new picture with the cutest bunny, sunflowers and bumble bees!! The Moonlight Market Postcard from Sarah's Everyday Witches Series (I so loved that series) and the most beautiful Macro Flower Picture, ha, if I could only take pictures that beautifully!! Thank you Sarah, happy dancing!!

and then there is Mr. Tinkles, lol!!!
This was my swap piece for Sarah.

Mr. Tinkles with his Sunflower Umbrella
Why Mr. Tinkles? Because sometimes it sprinkles

but sometimes it just tinkles, lol.

Yipppeeeee Sarah loves him and Nonni does too, hehehehehe.

Now I'm off to create, I am gluing myself into my chair!!!

Happy Monday and Happy Creating


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wool Wednesday Part 3 - Dying Wool

Lets dye some wool, yipppeeeee!!!

Here's some things you will need and / or are optional.

Today we will be using the following:
White Vinegar
A Measuring Cup
Food Coloring
Easter Egg Dye, perfect timing, I bought mine after Easter so real bargain there regularly $2.99 on clearance for 30 cents each (always love a bargain). Did I mention I bought like 12, lol.

A Glass Cake Pan (8 X 8 or 9 X 9), minus my Son's Birthday Brownie, hahaha
A Canning Jar ( I used an Alfredo Jar, recycling friendly)
Warm Tap Water
Wooden Spoon (optional)
Rubber Gloves (optional)
and a Microwave

Note: I haven't tried the Kool-Aid yet, that will come another time
Pretty easy so far, huh

Line your pan with wool, I pull my locks by the tips for this part. Lay them side by side in your pan, my locks were short enough to do two rows. Add another layer. In your measuring cup put about 3/4 of cup of water, add a glug (yep a glug, that's the term used in most of the YouTube Videos I watched, high tech here!!). Add your food coloring, here we have used red, note the red will have more of a pink tone to it then red when mixed with the water so don't be to stingy with it, but you don't need it all either. You will get a better feel for this after a couple of batches.

Now pour it gently over your wool, tap your wool down gently with the end of a wooden spoon (I apparently like to get messy as I just use my fingers) into your liquid. Now your off to do something else for about 10-15 minutes, longer is fine, I've gotten busy and didn't come back for a couple of hours, so no problem. Come back make sure it is totally wet, if you need to add a little water be sure to also add a bit more vinegar as that is what sets your dyes. You want it to just cover your wool, to much and it is going to splatter all over the inside of your microwave, yeah I did that too. Okay we are ready to microwave it.

Place it into the microwave and cook it for 5 minutes, check it, looks good, cook another 2 minutes, done. Okay, it is going to be super hot, so use those OVEN MITTS!! Set it out to cool, about 30 minutes to an hour. We're ready to rinse. Squeeze the excess liquid out, no ringing or twisting, fill your dish with cool water, place your wool back in to the dish, gently patting it. Repeat this oh about 3-4 times to you have clear water and your getting rid of the vinegar smell. Time to dry again.

For this look, the rainbow effect with bits of white showing. Place your wool into your pan as before. Yep water and vinegar but no color this time. Pour over your wool as before, let sit, check wetness and water level. Okay now your ready to dye. Place drops of food coloring on to your wool. About 5 drops across each row of the colors you've chosen leaving a bit of space between each row of color. Gently tap it down into your liquid with your wooden spoon, I recommend that you rinse your spoon when changing colors. Time to microwave. Repeat cooking, cooling and rinsing as before.

Okay now lets give the Easter Egg Dye a try. Grab that canning jar or your recycled glass jar. Fill it about half way or a little less, add a glub of vinegar, throw in your Easter Egg Dye Tablet, let it dissolve and stir. Now pull off a clump of your wool and push it into your jar. You may need to add a bit more water just to cover the top of your wool. It's ready to microwave. This time you will cook it only 2 minutes, remove from the microwave, don't forget those OVEN MITTS, this one is going to be even hotter than the last process. Let cool, this one takes much longer to cool. Once cool, you repeat cooking for 2 more minutes in the microwave and let it completely cool. Now your ready to rinse and dry as before. So there you have it. You just dyed your own wool, it was really easy, huh.

Of coarse I had mine all over the kitchen drying and this morning my husband says to me when I got up. I went in the kitchen to make coffee and it looked like Toucan Sam threw up all over the kitchen, lol, I haven't a clue as to why??? Hahahahahahahahaha

So what did I learn: I loved this process, it was lots of fun!!! The colors are amazing!!

Generally you will find that all of the color is absorbed by your wool during the microwaving process but I did find that there was color left in the water and vinegar mixture after using the Blue Easter Egg Dye, so add a bit of red coloring and another glub of vinegar and make yourself some purple as shown in the above picture. This is a very kitchen friendly process, your ingredients are all food safe so there isn't any need for separate dishes or utensils for this project. When your done dyeing, just wash as normal, loving that!! Oh one more thing, be warned your kitchen and microwave are going to have a high concentration of vinegar smell, although it didn't bother me a bit, my husband and son were totally grossed out, lol.

So what's next: I hope to try the Kool-Aid Kettle Dying Next, can't wait, can you????

I loved this Youtube video on rainbow dyeing with Ruthann McCaully

Also here is the link for processing your own wool again: HJS Studio

Next Wool Wednesday Kettle Dying with Kool Aid!!

Also Lori of Flossie Kat's Korner left the best tips in my last Wool Wednesday Post for washing your wool in the washer, so be sure to check that out as well. I will be giving it a try my next wash day, it's going to really cut the time of washing, whoooo hoooo!! Lori makes the cutest miniature needle felted critters, so she has plenty of experience at processing her own wool, be sure to check out her adorable creations on her blog.

Okay, it looks like a lot but it really isn't, it is super easy and fun!! Give it a try!!!

Woolly Wednesday To All!!!!

Enjoy your week!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 1/2 hours and 7 banners later!!

Okay, I have sat down a couple of times now to create a banner for my Etsy shop, ughhhhh. It is a real pain in my hinny. Each time all I did was get frustrated and said just forget it!! So I sat down again determined that I could do this!! I collaged, I resized, chopped off heads, chopped off my shop name, ughhhhhhhh, Calgon Take Me Away!!! I did this from 11:00 pm to 4:30 am, good grief.....Finally 5 1/2 hours and 7 banners later, whooo hooo, I have one( picture above with one of my wicked friends), happy dancing!! So I surf around at other shops and I discover this Shop Announcement thing, huhhhh, what in the world, are you kidding me, ughhhh. So now I have to make a shop announcement, that will have to come another day, I have no more patience left in me, lol.
This was way more FUN!!
I shipped mine Friday, whooo hooo!!
My very first swap!! MHA had a Spring / Summer Theme Swap and I joined in the fun!! Sarah of Cottage Garden Studios is my partner, whooo hoooo, I always adore her work!! I can't wait to show you what I created for Sarah (really hoping she likes it) and what Sarah created for me, pics soon!!!
Busy, busy, busy creating my Swap piece, check, done, yippeeee.
Way to frustrated with techie computer stuff, so tomorrow we are traveling to a happy place, yepper, Wool Wednesday, ahhhhhhhhh, feeling better already, lol.
See ewes tomorrow.....
Happy Tuesday Everyone!!